Although annual teeth cleanings can easily be pushed off, once you learn the benefits, you’ll be eager about your visits. At Corsi Dental Associates, we understand the importance of oral health and hygiene. As your Woodbury dentists, we provide you with the foundational cleanings you need to aid in your overall health. Keep reading to learn the top four benefits of annual teeth cleanings, and contact us to schedule your annual cleaning today! 
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Thorough Brushing

Brushing your teeth helps prevent cavities and gum disease by removing plaque. Although we brush daily, having your teeth annually cleaned and brushed by your dentist can ensure you’re getting a deep, thorough cleaning. This prevents the build-up of harmful bacteria, ultimately preventing infection. At Corsi Dental Associates, we provide you with the proper information on your diagnosis and style of brushing. 

In-Depth Flossing

Flossing isn’t always the fun part of your oral hygiene routine. However, as a vital step to your oral health, it’s key to get annual teeth cleanings to be sure you’re flossing right. Flossing gets rid of the food and bacteria breeding between your teeth, which can lead to infection, disease, and bad breath. At Corsi Dental Associates, we can help you improve your dental health by providing you with annual flossing and diagnosing to stay on top of the health of your gums.

Mouthwash and Prevention

Mouthwash provides several benefits to your oral health, from preventing cavities and freshening breath, to clearing up canker sores. Gingivitis and gum disease can come with inflammation, swelling, and bleeding. By getting an annual cleaning at Corsi Dental Associates, you can decrease the bacteria in your mouth. We are passionate about providing our clients with prevention, along with treatment.

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Why It’s all Important

Getting annual teeth cleanings are essential for keeping your oral health maintained. At Corsi Dental Associates, our dental team uses specialized dental tools to remove what your daily cleaning cannot. By removing hardened plaque, we can help get rid of difficult stains and tough tartar. Keeping up with your annual visits, you’ll keep harmful bacteria and infections away, while also preventing future, and sometimes costly, problems.

As your trusted Woodbury dentist, we can help you keep up with your annual visits. Our team offers years of experience and education to give you the best quality of care. Call your Woodbury dentist today and schedule your annual cleaning appointment