1. Knowing the Signs of Gum Disease

    While it may not be something that is talked about very often, gum disease is actually something that is extremely prevalent in today’s world. Due to the fact that gum disease can vary in stages, it can be pretty difficult to determine what the symptoms of gum disease are by themselves. While you may be great about brushing and flossing as you should, having a routine teeth cleaning is imperativ…Read More

  2. Take Great Care of Your Teeth With These 3 Tips

    Take Great Care of Your Teeth With These 3 Tips

    What does at-home dental care look like for you? For many, brushing your teeth and remembering to floss every so often gets the job done. And hey, if it works why change things up? The truth is that making a few simple tweaks to your daily routine can make a world of difference. In today’s post the team at Corsi Dental Associates would like to share a few tips on what you can do to get the most …Read More

  3. Worried About Your Teeth During the Holidays?

    It’s the most wonderful time of the year here in Woodbury, and people everywhere are gearing up to spend some quality time with family and friends. After all, isn’t that what the holidays are all about? At Corsi Dental Associates, we hope that the weeks ahead are filled with laughter and fun and delicious foods. Speaking of which, the holidays are somewhat notorious for all of the people in yo…Read More

  4. How’s Your Flossing Technique

    How’s Your Flossing Technique?

    Are you flossing correctly? It can be hard to tell sometimes. Sure, you could probably stand to floss a bit more often, but that’s true of pretty much everyone. That’s why it pays to make it count when you do break out the floss. In today’s post we’ll be discussing a few flossing techniques that you should take the time to perfect. As you are no doubt well aware, flossing is incredibly imp…Read More

  5. What to Do If You Get a Toothache During the Holidays

    There’s no doubt about it — you’re going to be eating more sweets during the holidays. If you’ve been following along with our posts for any amount of time, then you know that we shared a little bit about how to take great care of your teeth during the holiday season. (Spoiler alert: just make sure you’re following your normal flossing, brushing, and mouthwash-ing routine without skippin…Read More

  6. What to Expect From Your Next Teeth Cleaning

    At Corsi Dental Associates we strive to offer exceptional dental care in Woodbury and the surrounding area. That’s why we’re happy to offer the best teeth cleaning services around! As you probably know, keeping up to date with your oral health makes a world of difference, because after all, there is nothing worse than getting a toothache out of the blue. Our teeth cleaning services are the per…Read More

  7. Bi-Annual Dentist Visits Are Imperative

    Seeing as how it is the beginning of a brand new year, everyone is searching for ways to improve their health and their lives in general. This is the perfect time of year to ask yourself, “When was the last time I went to the dentist?”. If the answer is more than six months ago or even worse, if you can’t even remember, it’s time to take action. Someone with even the very best oral hygiene…Read More

  8. Suffering From Bad Breath?

    Have you ever been in close proximity to someone and you almost had to back away because their breath smelled that badly? Now imagine that person with the bad breath was you. No one wants that to happen. You may say, “But I brush and floss twice a day. How can I possibly have bad breath?”. Unfortunately, brushing and flossing religiously does not guarantee that you will have great breath all t…Read More

  9. What Your Tongue Means For Your Oral Health

    In case you were unaware, your tongue is a very impressive muscle. In fact, it is the strongest muscle in your entire body. Something you also may not know is the effect your tongue has on your overall oral hygiene. This is why dentists complete an overall oral exam each time you come to their office. Every aspect of the inside of your mouth is important where your dental hygiene is concerned. A …Read More

  10. Is It Time To Bring Your Child To The Dentist?

    As a parent, you are responsible for making a ton of decisions that will lead to your child being happy and healthy. If you have recently had a child, you may be wondering when you should take him or her to the dentist. The answer? Now. Chances are that even if your child is as early as six months old, he/she will begin to have teeth coming in. Seeing as how this happens at different times for eve…Read More