1. 4 Signs Your Mouth is Healthy

    If we’ve said it once, we’re said it a million times - a healthy mouth is a sign of a healthy body. That is why it is imperative that our patients know precisely what they have to do to have the cleanest and healthiest mouth possible. Below are just a few things your dentist at Corsi Dental Associates will look for when you come in for a cleaning that will signify that you do have a healthy mo…Read More

  2. 3 Facts From Your Dentist That You Wouldn’t Expect

    As an adult you have likely sat in a dental office or waiting room dozens of times throughout your life. Considering how many visits you have made to see a dentist over the years, you also have likely been given every bit of information that you can possibly retain about oral health and how to maintain yours. However, we, at Corsi Dental Associates, have thought of a couple of facts about dental h…Read More

  3. Oral Health Tips to Make the School Year a Success

    With the school year back in swing, and schedules filling up quickly with responsibilities and plans. Keeping this in mind, it is important that the in-depth oral hygiene routine that you were dedicated to all summer long doesn’t get put on the backburner now simply that you have more to do from one day to the next. Below you can uncover some of the best oral health tips we have for high schoole…Read More