1. Woodbury Dentist White Teeth

    4 Reasons You Should Get Routine Dental Cleanings

    Getting dental cleaning on a regular basis is essential to keeping your teeth healthy and looking great. If you are like most people, dental work can be expensive. The good news is that dental care doesn't have to cost an arm and leg! With routine dental cleanings, you'll avoid the need for more intensive dental treatments down the line. Let’s take a look at four reasons why you should get routi…Read More

  2. Does Seeing a Dentist Give You Anxiety

    Does Seeing a Dentist Give You Anxiety?

    The fear of heights, the fear of enclosed spaces, and the fear of social interaction are all pretty common things for people to have. Another common fear that people experience? A trip to see the local dentist. Unfortunately this is also a common cause of anxiety for people and the majority of dentists out there don’t seem to be particularly interested in making it a thing of the past. The good …Read More