When you are missing teeth it can take a toll on your confidence. Not only may you not feel like smiling, but you also may find that you feel as though people are judging you based off your smile when you do choose to show your teeth. Whether you are missing one, some, or all of your teeth, your dentist will likely recommend that you pursue one of two options. These options are dentures & dental implants. Just as with any other dental procedure, there are of course, pros and cons to each of the options you have. Depending on your specific situation you and your dentist can come to an agreement on which choice is the right one for you. However, the decision will ultimately be yours. In order for you to make an informed decision, we have compiled the pros and the cons of both dentures and dental implants below. Continue reading to uncover the facts behind each so that you can choose the right one for yourself.

All About Dentures

As you probably know, dentures have been offered for many decades as an option to replace missing teeth. In fact, there is probably at least one person in your life who is currently using dentures on a daily basis. However, if this is not the case let us give you a better idea of what dentures actually are. When dentures are made, a mold is developed to fit your mouth so that your teeth can be replaced. This mold is held in place by an adhesive. For the most part, dentures are removed each day before bedtime and soaked overnight so that they can be cleaned.  On the other hand, it is important to know that no matter the quality of your dentures, they are never going to feel 100 percent like your real teeth used to.

Some people really like being able to take their teeth out as they need to. It is important to know, however, that the longer your dentures are out of your mouth, the weaker your jaw becomes because there is no pressure from your teeth to support it.

Conversely, if your jaw is too weak to support dental implants, dentures may be a better option for you. You may find that denture adhesive is not as reliable as you like, leading to your dentures falling out from time to time.

Be aware that there are plenty of options available when  choosing dentures for yourself. Quality should, of course, be your number one concern as you want your dentures to both look and feel great. Additionally quality ensures that your dentures will last you longer. The average set of dentures will last around 5 years.

All About Implants

Implants are something entirely different. Implants are made of a titanium post that is covered by a crown or denture. For the most part, implants look and feel like your real teeth, unlike dentures. The implant is integrated with the jaw bone and mimics a root of your natural teeth, making it better for your jaw than the alternative.

You may not be aware that implants and dentures can be used together. When this occurs, it is known as overdentures. Overdentures are used in the latest dental technology to make sure that dentures feel far closer to natural teeth than they typically do. This is done by clipping the dentures onto your implants.

Different from traditional dentures, implants are permanent. This makes things like eating, talking, and other activities much easier and comfortable than they would be if you had traditional dentures. For the most part, dental implants should last you for a lifetime. In fact, some dental offices even offer warranties on their dental implants.

It is important to know that dental implants are much more expensive than dentures since they have a longer lifespan and because they allow you to have more natural-feeling teeth.

Choosing Between The Two

When you have to choose between implants and dentures, you need to consider factors like what your lifestyle is like, your budget, and your overall health. As stated above, your dentist can weigh in on what they believe the best option is for you, but at the end of the day the choice is yours alone.

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