Serving the Special Needs Community In the Gloucester County

Here at Corsi Dental in Woodbury, our general dentists understand that it may be difficult to find a local dentist that will accept special needs patients. We offer compassion and understanding for our special needs patients and strive to make every accommodation for them. We have years of experience in treating those with physical, medical, developmental, or cognitive conditions. In addition, we also have accommodations for those with walkers and wheelchairs. Patients with Alzheimer’s disease are welcome as well.

With over 50 million Americans diagnosed with some type of disability according to the U.S. Census Bureau, it’s important to ensure they receive regular care. Our dental associates in Woodbury ensure not only the care of special needs patients, but also that they understand the treatment needed. We highly recommend a caregiver attend with them so that they can understand the instructions and help the patient to understand them. This is imperative if you are the legal guardian of the patient. However, we do our best to speak loudly so the patient can hear and speak in terms they can understand.

The general dentists at our dental clinic also understand the unique needs of autistic patients and do our best to be accommodating. For instance, many wish to touch the dental instruments before we use them. Our dental associates allow this and show them how to do so safely. At every turn you will only be met with care and compassion. Extra verbal instructions can be given, as well as more visual cues.

Our Woodbury dentists will provide exceptional dental care for any special needs patient. We spend extra time if needed to ensure they understand the importance of brushing and flossing their teeth, and we can review this with them as well. All of our dental services, from regular dental exams to a root canal, are offered to special needs patients. Our friendly staff work diligently to ensure all of your needs are met, from help with paperwork to navigating our dental clinic. If you are looking for a Woodbury dentist that offers special needs care, call Corsi Dental today!

Make an Appointment with Our Special Needs Dental Team

Corsi Dental Associates works to provide high-quality dental care to all of our patients. We love to take care of dental patients who might not otherwise get the treatments that they need do to physical limitations. We focus on dental education and comprehensive care for the special needs community, helping to treat, prevent, and restore their oral health. Our goal is to become a dentist that makes all of our patients feel comfortable and provides an environment where they are able to complete the dental procedures they need to have a healthy, beautiful smile.

Each member of the Corsi Dental Associates team provides friendly, compassionate care to our patients and we understand the concerns of the special needs community when it comes to dental care. Our dentist and each member of our dental team is happy to help you get the dental care that you need, no matter what special requests or requirements you may have to receive that treatment.

Our dental team serves the special needs community in and around Woodbury from our dental office as well as two local surgery centers. That helps us meet your needs and give you the dental care that you require. To make an appointment with Corsi Dental Associates, you can give us a call or contact us through our website.