While most people go to the dentist in order to have their teeth cleaned, there are many more important things that happen at your dental exams.

Corsi Dental in Woodbury offers comprehensive dental exams with the goal of not only cleaning your teeth, but also ensuring your teeth are healthy and showing no signs of any major problems ahead. One of the advantages of dental exams is that your local dentist can catch any problems while they are minor before they become major. Below, we’ll go over other benefits of investing in regular dental exams. Contact our local dentists in Woodbury today!


Check for Cavities

Dental exams are a great opportunity for your local dentist to check for cavities. It’s extremely important to have your cavities filled early. If you let cavities sit, they can penetrate your tooth deeper and infect your nerves, possibly resulting in tooth loss and the need for a root canal. The best way to prevent cavities is to brush your teeth twice a day and floss. Our expert dental staff can show you how.

Preventative Screenings

When you visit your local dentist on a regular basis, you can have your oral health assessed. This includes being screened for oral cancer, as well as having dental X-rays taken. Dental X-rays are great tools so that your local dentist can see what is happening beneath your gums. This is a great way to check on wisdom teeth, baby teeth, and jaw health. Signs of tooth decay, as well as periodontal disease, are checked as well.

Discover New Dental Treatments

There are constantly new innovations, techniques, and procedures being introduced in the dental field. Dentistry has definitely changed over the past few decades, and new dental tools have changed people’s life for good. When you visit your dentist regularly, you will learn about new dental treatment options that may help you with a problem you are facing. The local dentists here at Corsi Dental invest in continual education, and we keep up with the latest in new and innovative dental treatments in order to offer you the best available.


When you go to your regular dental exams, you will have the opportunity to ask your dentist any questions you may have about teeth that have been bothering you, or even review basics, such as proper dental flossing technique and other preventative methods. No question is ever unimportant here at Corsi Dental in Woodbury, and we love to answer your questions any time. We believe that even reviewing the basics can help you to remember to floss and brush every day, which is the best preventative method available.

Dental Treatment Recommendations

If a cavity or other tooth problem is discovered, your local dentist will lay out your dental treatment options and make recommendations. You may need to be referred to a specialist, or you may need more diagnostic work as well. You are always welcome to seek a second opinion, and we’ll answer any questions you may have. This is another important reason to invest in regular dental exams by your local dentists.


Corsi Dental in Woodbury offers the best dental exams and treatments for the whole family. Our passion is to ensure everyone has access to the best dental care, which is why we also offer dental exams for special needs patients.

Our dentists offer a wide variety of dental treatments and procedures, including teeth whitening, root canals, dentures, fillings, ClearCorrect, chipped tooth repair, and so much more. For years, our general dentistry practice has been ensuring the oral health of our patients. We are always accepting new patients. You can call our dental office for more information or visit our website to learn more. Call us today!

Comprehensive Dental Exams

Regular dental exams are the first step to ensuring your teeth and gums stay healthy. Dental exams from our experienced and compassionate dentist can help identify potential oral health issues before they have a chance to become major issues. Regular exams can help decrease the amount of time and money you spend on restorative work in the future, as well. A comprehensive dental exam in our office will include an examination of your teeth, gums, and entire oral cavity to identify any issues and create a care plan to restore the health of your mouth and the beauty of your smile.

Schedule Your Gentle, Stress-Free Dental Exam With Us Today

We know that going to the dentist can cause a lot of people anxiety. Our team works together to ensure that you are as comfortable as possible during your dental exam in our Woodbury office. Dr. Corsi is gentle and compassionate, and will take time to explain to you everything that is happening during your exam. If you have special requests or require nitrous oxide to be more comfortable during your exam, just let us know when you schedule your appointment. We love to help you make going to the dentist a pleasant experience and become the dental practice that you know you can trust with your dental care.

Make your appointment by calling our office or using the button below to schedule your appointment. No matter your needs, you can rely on our team to take great care of you during your visit. We’re looking forward to seeing you in our office soon!