A chipped tooth is nothing to sneeze about. Depending on where the chip is at, it can either be noticeable, or it can be painful, especially if it’s from a cavity or a blow to the mouth. If you have a chipped or broken tooth, it’s imperative that you get it seen by your local dentist as soon as possible in order to prevent any further injury to the tooth or to your mouth or jaw.

Corsi Dental in Woodbury offers comprehensive dental services for the entire family. We strive to be an affordable dental care provider, working with almost all types of dental insurance. We also are a special needs dentist, helping those with special needs receive the high-quality dental care they deserve. Below, we’ll go over the common treatments for a chipped tooth. Contact our dental office today!


Bonding or Filling

If your chipped tooth is a canine or an incisor tooth (those teeth in the front of your mouth that do not get cavities), the most likely dental treatment recommended would be bonding or a filling. In this very simple procedure, your local dentist will use a plastic resin matched to the color of your teeth to fill the crack or to bond to your tooth, filling in the area where it was chipped. Your dentist will then shape the filling to look natural, and you won’t even know it’s there. This will also prevent the chipped tooth from cutting your tongue or lips. In some cases, you won’t need a filling at all if the chip in your tooth is small. This would only require a minor reshaping procedure.

A Crown

If you’ve chipped or broken a molar tooth, you may require a crown (otherwise known as a cap), to fix it. A crown is an artificial tooth substance that is placed over your tooth that will restore its normal function, size, shape, and look. Nowadays, crowns are made of resin materials in order to appear as close to a tooth as possible. The color is made to match your surrounding teeth as well.

Dental crowns are usually custom-made, so an impression will be taken of your missing tooth, and then this will be sent off to a lab to make, although some dental offices are now making these right in their office thanks to technology! Dental crowns are usually recommended for broken cusps, split roots, or vertical breaks, as well as split molar.

A Root Canal

A root canal is recommended when your chipped tooth has extended into the pulp of your teeth and the nerve of your tooth is exposed. A root canal will remove the damaged nerve and possibly your tooth if it cannot be saved and then replaced with a crown or cap. When the pulp or your tooth root is exposed, something must be done, or you are at high risk of developing an infection that could cause major tooth problems down the road.


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