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When you were a kid and your teeth were crooked, you were sent to the orthodontist, or dentist who specializes in a form of cosmetic dentistry that straightens the teeth, helps with overbites, and overcrowding of the mouth. You’d get these metal pieces put on your teeth for years that you would have to care for and that were tight. They occasionally would cut your mouth, well, because they are metal. Nowadays, dentistry has progressed by leaps and bounds, and you may not need to see an orthodontist. Oftentimes, your general dentist can help.

Corsi Dental is a family-owned dental clinic in Woodbury. We offer the best dental services, including, cleanings and x-rays, dental exams, teeth whitening, and ClearCorrect, or a method of straightening your teeth. Below, we’ll go over how you can determine if you or your child needs to see an orthodontist. Contact us today for a dental exam!


Your Teeth are Misaligned

Orthodontists are dentists with specialized training in the straightening of teeth. They can also fix your bite, help with crowding of your mouth, and help with tooth loss or if you are missing a tooth.


The first place you will start when you feel like you want your teeth realigned is your family dentist, such as Corsi Dental in Woodbury. Your family dentist knows your entire dental history and has a firm understanding of how teeth grow and move. Your family dentist will perform an exam to see exactly where your teeth are at and may even take dental X-rays. Then, after reviewing their findings, he or she can advise you on whether you should see an orthodontist or whether they can help you themselves. The great thing about seeing your family dentist first is that not only do they know the best orthodontists in town to send you too, but they also can give you a good idea of what you will need done if they do indeed recommend an orthodontist.


Here at Corsi Dental in Woodbury we offer our own form of teeth straightening techniques, including ClearCorrect. ClearCorrect uses a clear plastic mouthpiece custom fitted to your teeth to realign your teeth. This solution is used when your teeth do not need major adjustments. Some of the benefits of ClearCorrect are that it is minimally visible and is not painful on your teeth. Furthermore, this type of teeth realignment uses a set of progressive dental impressions to move your teeth, which means you will periodically switch them out when needed. The results are an improved smile and a better bite.


Corsi Dental in Woodbury is a dental clinic that loves helping our patients feel better about themselves through improving their teeth, whether this is through regular teeth cleanings, extractions, filings, root canals, teeth whitening, or teeth straightening techniques such as ClearConnect. If you are wondering if you need an orthodontist, give us a call today to schedule a dental exam. We’ll give you an honest opinion on what teeth straightening technique would benefit you the most.