Can you believe we are already halfway through November? It seems like just yesterday fall was arriving and now before we know it, we will be surging into winter. However, there is something wonderful about this time of year, which is the holiday season. In just about a week, you will likely be surrounded by family and friends, carving a turkey and indulging in many delicious side dishes. On the other hand, something else that tends to come with holidays that not everyone enjoys is having their picture taken. This is especially true if you are not confident in your smile.

One of the main reasons people are self conscious about their smiles is that their teeth are dull and not nearly as white as they could be. That doesn’t mean that your teeth have to remain that way though. By simply making an appointment with us at Corsi Dental Associates for a teeth whitening, you can absolutely love the way your smile looks in every photo taken of you from Thanksgiving to New Year’s Day!

Why Should You Get Your Teeth Professionally Whitened?

While there are plenty of over-the-counter whitening products out there, people simply do not get the results they desire when they opt to buy these rather than seeing their dentist for a whitening procedure. Even those who swear by the whitening abilities of swishing Hydrogen Peroxide around their mouth to whiten their teeth are not actually doing their smile much good, for as soon as saliva comes into contact with the peroxide, it begins to break down, rendering it basically useless. As most over-the-counter whitening treatments contain hydrogen peroxide, this sort of effect will occur regardless of which brand or type you use.

What’s The Real Difference?

When you come into your Woodbury dentist’s office to have your teeth cleaned, there are two major differences that make it worth your while. The first difference is the strength of whitening gel that is used. The gel at your dentist’s office is much stronger and more potent, allowing your teeth to become whiter much faster. The second difference is the custom-fit whitening trays that your dentist will use during the procedure. By having an impression of your teeth taken and then made into a personalized tray, you can be sure that every surface of every tooth is whitened in the process. Over-the-counter teeth whiteners simple cannot offer you as much. Not to mention, the effects are likely to last a much shorter amount of time than they would if you had your teeth whitened professionally.

Get Whiter Teeth In Time For The Holidays Now

If you want to know that your smile will look bright and white in every photo taken of you this holiday season, we would suggest calling our office to make an appointment to have your teeth professionally whitened. You will gain confidence and the ability to smile broadly during every moment of the day. Contact us now and find out when we can see you!