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Scaling and root planing go together like peanut butter and jelly — they just aren’t quite as tasty. Both are used to when your local dentist sees early signs of gum disease.

Corsi Dental is a dental clinic in Woodbury that specializes in comprehensive dental care, including general dentistry, cosmetic dentistry, and preventative care. We offer such dental services as cleanings, extractions, dentures, dental implants, and dental scaling and planing. Below, we’ll take an in-depth look at scaling and root planing. Contact us today for your next dental cleaning appointment!


In essence, dental scaling and root planing is a fancy term for a deep cleaning. When you come in for your regular dental exams, your teeth are cleaned, including having all of the plaque removed. Your teeth are polished and flossed. Your family dentist then checks for any signs of problems or conditions developing. If you haven’t been to the dental office for a while, what can happen is that plaque can build up to the point that periodontal disease, or gum disease, develops. This is a fancy word for an infection of your gums that is caused by lingering bacteria. This can cause permanent damage to your teeth, gums, and bones that can result in permanent tooth loss. Dental scaling and planing is a procedure to treat the early stages of periodontal disease.


You can think of teeth scaling as a dental cleaning, but longer. A local anesthetic may or may not be used, depending on what your local dentist thinks about the condition of your teeth. The procedure involves the scraping off of accumulated plaque from your teeth. Sometimes, pockets may have developed between your teeth and your gum line with plaque there as well. That will be removed.

Once all of the plaque is removed, planing takes place. Root planing is the careful placement of any roots that may have come detached back along your teeth. This will help to smooth them out and help them to reattach.

Afterwards, Corsi Dental notes that you will be given specific care instructions, which can vary depending on the degree of your periodontal disease. In general, you may need additional treatments, as this type of cleaning is often done in more than one sitting. You may be prescribed antibiotics to help with healing. Different dental procedures may be performed as well, such as host modulation and a full mouth disinfection.


Corsi Dental in Woodbury treats our patients like family. Our family-owned dental clinic strives to offer the best dental care for your needs. We understand that going to the dentist is not your favorite thing to do. Yet, it is super important in order to prevent dental conditions such as periodontal disease. If you keep up with regular cleanings and exams, your odds of ever having periodontal disease and other major tooth problems plummet. From root canals and fillings to teeth whitening, we’ve got all of your dental needs covered. Call today for your next dental cleaning!