corsi dental woodbury root canal prevention

Perhaps the most dreaded dental procedure is the root canal. No one knows exactly how this dental procedure has earned such a dreaded reputation, but it has. However, millions of root canals are performed every year, with the goal being to save your natural tooth.

Corsi Dental offers the best dental services in Woodbury. From general dentistry to more advanced dental procedures, such as root canals and dentures, our mission is to provide you with the best comprehensive dental care so you can have a lifetime of great oral health. Below, we’ll offer up tips to prevent root canals. Contact us today to get started!

What is a Root Canal?

In brief, a root canal is performed when one of your teeth has become infected by bacteria (possibly through an untreated cavity and the like). In order to save your tooth, the infected pulp (connective tissue) has to be removed and the inside of your tooth cleaned out of the bacteria. Your tooth is then filled and sealed to prevent a recurrent infection.


Daily Care of Your Teeth

While this tip to prevent root canals might seem intuitive, people still do not engage in daily care of their teeth, even though it takes less than five minutes a day. Corsi Dental in Woodbury wants to remind you that you need to be brushing your teeth twice a day, especially before bed. We understand that you are tired after a long day at work or school, but this is the most important time to brush your teeth; otherwise, you are leaving food to sit on your teeth all night long, and while you are sleeping, you can rest assured that the bad bacteria that causes cavities and the need for a root canal are not. If you make brushing your teeth a habit, you won’t even have to think about it; it’ll become something you just do, like get up every morning and take a shower.

We also want to remind you that the daily care of your teeth also involves flossing. Another easy tool in the care of your teeth to skip, flossing prevents bacteria from eating the food left in-between your teeth.

Avoid Hard Candy and Chewing Ice

While most of us love candy and ice, hard candy and ice can easily damage your teeth. You have a very strong bite. In fact, you exert an average of 200 pounds of pressure when you bite down. Thus, when you bite down on something hard, you can easily chip or damage your teeth. If you don’t notice this and have your local dentist, such as Corsi Dental in Woodbury, repair it right away, you are allowing bacteria to easily have access to the soft tissue of your tooth, or the pulp, which is where an infection can occur. While this type of food is extremely yummy, we recommend that you refrain from biting down.


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