You may not be aware, but tooth enamel is actually the strongest substance in the entire human body. While your teeth can handle being exposed to many destructive substances, they are also still susceptible to decay. Things like sugar and acid in your food do take quite the toll on your teeth. Here, you can learn more about what enamel loss is and how you prevent it.

What is enamel loss?

In case you don’t already know, tooth enamel is that hard part of your tooth that is meant to protect the interior of your tooth that is softer and more sensitive, known as dentin. The enamel can break down when it is perpetually exposed to substances like sugars, starches or acids. There are many foods and liquids you consume on a daily basis that contain these substances like fruits, sodas and coffee. While minor exposure isn’t a huge deal, leaving your teeth exposed to these things for extended amounts of time without flossing or brushing will absolutely lead to a loss of enamel.

Can you replace enamel that has been lost?

Plain and simple, you cannot replace enamel that has been lost. Weakened enamel can possibly be restored through a process known as remineralization. This process allows for minerals to be replaced in the enamel that has been worn down. Products that contain fluoride like toothpaste, or foods that are high in calcium can greatly help the remineralization process.

What happens when you lose your enamel?

When you do not have enough enamel, the most sensitive part of your tooth is exposed, meaning it is much more likely you could experience the breaking of a tooth or painful chewing, sometimes even breathing. That’s right, something as gentle as air entering your mouth can cause pain when enough of the enamel is lost. You will also be extremely more likely to experience gum disease when you have little or no enamel. The best course of action? Protect your enamel from now on and avoid all the horrible consequences that come from not doing so.

How can you prevent enamel loss?

The very best way to make sure that you are only losing the minimum amount of enamel from your teeth is to brush and floss twice a day, every single day. Mouthwash will also aid you in keeping your enamel, as it provides a bit of extra protection. Lastly, visiting your dentist twice a year (twice every six months) will keep your mouth in good shape and also give your dental provider the opportunity to let you know how your enamel is fairing.

If you are worried about enamel loss or just your oral hygiene in general, call Corsi Dental Associates today and schedule an appointment for a routine cleaning. Even if you haven’t been the most dedicated when it comes to oral hygiene, it’s never too late to start!