In case you were unaware, your tongue is a very impressive muscle. In fact, it is the strongest muscle in your entire body. Something you also may not know is the
effect your tongue has on your overall oral hygiene. This is why dentists complete an overall oral exam each time you come to their office. Every aspect of the inside of your mouth is important where your dental hygiene is concerned.

A healthy tongue is pink in color and normally looks relatively smooth. There are an insurmountable number of germs and bacteria on your tongue everyday and therefore, if not cleaned properly, your tongue can look different and also cause you to have bad breath. In order to avoid these side effects there are some steps you can take. On top of your regular oral hygiene routine, make sure to scrub your tongue every time you brush in order to get rid of bacteria that may be trapped right below the surface. If you have a relatively sensitive gag reflex, you may want to consider investing in a tongue scraper that will not irritate it as much. Using mouthwash can also help you to avoid having a tongue that is covered in germs and give you fresh breath.

If you notice anything strange happening on your tongue, however, you should always consult your Woodbury dentist at Corsi Dental Associates. We can do one of the aforementioned oral exams and figure out what is going on inside your mouth and how we can improve upon the situation.